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Streaming and television live broadcast the same time

We have just completed our most versatile live broadcast work in the past ten years of internet streaming broadcasting. At the Synchronized Swimming World Cup held in Duna Arena, we had to solve (in a short time) that the organizers could comply with the broadcasting regulations of the international federation for streaming and television: i.e., there should be a multi-camera professional livestream from the event, which also has to meet the requirements of host broadcast.

Streaming and television live broadcast control room
Our compact broadcast control room area at Duna Arena

Live broadcast with streaming

This is what our deployed studio control looked like
Streaming broadcast with television broadcasting? We did it easily, since that’s exactly what our Compact Broadcast service does. We originally created this to be able to provide a multi-camera live show for a part of a sports event when there is no live TV production, broadcasting car, etc… on-site yet, but if we broadcast live throughout, it is not a problem. As we got to know the needs, it turned out that both Sport TV and Eurovision would be happy to take over our broadcast. And so it happened – as Darabos say in the Szállá advertisement. With satellite connection, TV companies easily accessed the program feed, and we streamed directly from the location to the OTT platforms.

Live broadcast with SNG

Streaming and television live broadcast SNG
This is how we accessed Eurovision’s satellite

It’s good to see that it was worth investing a lot of time, money, and energy in quality. We are capable of live streaming broadcasting on a television level. Thus, we “only” had to deal with distribution directions separately. (FINA TV, mindiGO, Sport TV, Eurovision). The same crew and equipment produced the live TV broadcast and the livestream, which has the following advantages for a sports organization / sports federation:

  • Live streaming will also be a TV-like broadcast. (4 cameras, with operators, wireless and underwater cameras, broadcast recording, live scoring and exit interviews)
  • Only one team needs to maintain contact. (Because we already did the technical affairs for Eurovision, mindiGO, FINA TV, Sport TV, SNG.)
  • The event budget is not burdened with two production costs. (The daily cost of a TV production can be up to 2-3 million forints.)
  • Supplementary media products are easily created because the creators are included. (Thus, a showreel and a separate TV summary of the Synchronized Swimming World Cup were made for Sport TV within a few days.)”