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11 live streaming benefits for event organisers

Are you an event organizer or marketer? We’ve prepared an 11-point list of live streaming benefits for you. We tried to collect those with which we have personal experience and have been proven to be an effective solution at any level.

Why it’s worth using live internet broadcasting solutions

By today, it’s crystal clear to everyone why live online videos are beneficial, but the question still arises for larger broadcasts: “Why is this good for us?”

On this page, we’ve grouped those advantages of live internet broadcasting that have proven to be beneficial according to our experiences. This list is worth reading whether you’re an organizer or a sponsor. If we had to sum it up in one sentence, live online broadcasting is when your event or gathering can be watched live on the internet, as if you were watching a TV show on your computer, mobile, or tablet screen.

Advantage of live streaming
The goal is always the same: satisfied viewers

Benefits of live internet broadcasting for event organizers

  1. Nowadays, it’s almost a mandatory feature on all social media platforms.
  2. With good preparation and professional execution, it’s like a TV appearance, but cheaper and easier to implement. If you choose a good live-streaming production company, you can stand out among the mobile amateur streams of your competitors.
  3. For viewers, it’s extremely comfortable as they can watch it on the very device they usually use for browsing the internet or using Facebook. Moreover, they can take the live broadcast with them, as most of the content is consumed on mobile devices.
  4. As it’s an online genre, it’s excellent for social interaction, whether it’s the live video itself or its environment, if you embed it into your website. If Facebook or YouTube is the channel where the live broadcast goes out, there’s no need to detail the possibilities for interaction.
  5. You can save costs, as we work for a fraction of the production cost of live TV broadcasting. Plus, with the production of the live stream, video content is created that you may currently employ a separate video team for, so you can also save that cost.
  6. With a well-planned publication of the recorded broadcast, enormous opportunities open up in the direction of online marketing, as with the development of mobile devices, people watch online content whenever they want.
  7. A well-scheduled archive publication greatly builds your image and brand.
  8. It expands your mass base, as you use a modern, mainstream solution with a quality manufacturer, with which you can also reach those people who cannot personally attend the event, such as those who live in another country or even on another continent. Thus, live internet broadcasting allows you to think of a reach that you may not have thought of before.
  9. It can generate extra web traffic to your website if we embed the broadcast there.
  10. In addition to the classic POS advertising spaces, you can offer new platforms to sponsors, or even bring in new sponsors for the sale of these platforms.
  11. If the content you produce is valuable enough, you can even make money with it on a pay-per-view or other subscription-based basis.

That was our 11 proven advantages of live internet broadcasting for event organizers and marketers. With advancements in technology, live streaming is a cost-effective, user-friendly, and interactive medium that offers the convenience of watching on any device. It not only boosts your brand and extends your audience reach globally, but also generates extra web traffic if integrated onto your website. You can offer new sponsorship opportunities beyond traditional POS advertising spaces. Furthermore, with valuable content, you can even monetize your live streams via pay-per-view or subscription basis.