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LED wall feed extension

The article discusses the use of live video feeds on LED walls during events. It explores the option of streaming the live visuals to accommodate more viewers and extend the display beyond the venue. Different scenarios are considered, including standard and non-standard aspect ratios, and solutions such as video switchers are mentioned.

Extend your LED wall feed

We have often encountered situations at various events where we work with live visuals on LED walls while the organizers, for instance, claim that the venue is full and they cannot accommodate any more spectators or guests. In such cases, we usually suggest streaming the live visuals we create for the LED wall because the produced LED wall image is essentially a live video, just displayed on a slightly larger screen.

LED wall feed extension
LED wall feed at the 2019 Table Tennis World Championships

This is a straightforward solution when the purpose of the live video on the LED wall is to present the entire performance, let’s say, to distant viewers due to the size of the seating area. However, the same applies when the live video needs to be sent to a local TV network outside the seating area, such as a stadium buffet or foyer, or even to an external LED wall at the event venue. In these situations, it is highly likely that the live video sent to the LED wall can be easily streamed. All we need to do is provide appropriate audio to the video stream, which can be easily accomplished by integrating it with the local sound system.

Another LED wall extension use case

The situation becomes more complex when the displayed image on the LED wall is not about the entire event. For example, in concerts, LED walls placed near the stage often serve as zoomed-in views of the vocalist or other band members. It can also happen that the LED wall, as a design element, has a non-standard aspect ratio, so projected videos may not necessarily be streamable. The good news is that with the right equipment, there is a good chance to create a live broadcast on-site by utilizing the available camera feeds, using 2ME or 4ME video switchers, and live-switching them in real-time alongside the existing LED wall production team and equipment.

When you don’t do it

However, this method is not applicable in cases where the LED wall or projector serves only a partial role, such as displaying presentation slides during a conference.

LED wall feed extension presentation
In this case the solution will not work