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Sports livebroadcast production

It’s no longer up to television networks to decide whether your sports event is broadcasted live; it’s up to you. We livestream your sports event with 2-5 cameras, sports captions, commentators, and even slow-motion replays if you desire. The picture of our sports livebroadcast production will be just like on TV.

This is a highlights of one of our productions:

Who do we recommend our sports livebroacast production to?

  • Sports event organizers, promoters, and rights holders who understand that online sports broadcasting allows them to reach not only the spectators present at the venue but also thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people nationwide and worldwide.
  • Sports event venues and sports arena operators who don’t want to deal with spectator limits and don’t want to display the “sold out” sign. They understand the significant loss if there are potential viewers who can’t attend. They aim to virtually expand the audience through live online sports streaming while building a community.
  • Sports clubs, teams, and sports marketers who need an effective live media solution for situations where their sport, competition, or a specific segment of it doesn’t meet the threshold of traditional television networks.
  • Sports managers and technical directors who seek not only a one-time online solution but also want to establish their brand through regular appearances.

Who do we not recommend ourselves to?

We’re not trying to deceive anyone: if someone is satisfied with a webcam in one corner of the event or wants to create a livestream with a mobile phone for their sports fans, and price is the only parameter that matters, then it’s highly likely that we won’t be working together.

Why choose our sports livebroadcast production?

  • As television program producers, we approach our work with a television mindset.
  • We operate with broadcast equipment and prioritize quality.
  • Our professional team has extensive experience in over a hundred live broadcasts.
  • We have worked on simultaneous live productions with television channels such as Hungarian M4 Sports and Sports TV, complementing their programming. We understand the invaluable opportunities that television broadcasting offers.
  • We have a massive amount of international experience. We usually work for Eurovision, World Aquatics (Fina), World Athletics, European Aquatics (LEN), Drift Kings, International Table Tennis Federation, and European Shooting Federation.
  • We employ redundant methods to ensure recording of the event, providing constant backup footage.
  • We understand how technical service providers (audio, lighting, LED screens, etc.) integrate with events and their impact on broadcasting and recording. This guarantees seamless on-site collaboration and ensures high-quality live streaming.
  • We focus on our core tasks and only take on services that we are fully confident in delivering. We won’t conduct experiments during your sports event.
  • We communicate in your language, using clear and everyday terms. We avoid mystifying or complicating our communication.

What will happen when we work together?

The live streaming of your sports event and its quality are of utmost importance to us. While we become an integral part of the event, we aim to have a holistic view to ensure that the viewers see and experience what truly matters in a sports event. We understand the need for collaboration with other service providers, which may raise some questions. Whether this is your first live stream or your hundredth, we will guide you through the process, offering support with best practices and even providing a checklist for organizing a seamless sports streaming live broadcast. We will share tips on how to achieve a smooth collaboration to ensure that the live stream becomes the perfect end result.

We are experienced in handball, basketball, waterpolo, table tennis, volleyball, pentathlon, athletics, agility, flairsupply, boxing, martial arts and mamy more.