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Streaming instead of tv production

The use of livestreaming productions instead of television broadcasts is probably the most common client demand, at least in our lives. As an event owner or organizer, you’ve likely faced the issue of your event not meeting the interest threshold of television companies, which can be frustrating. The good news is that livestreaming has become a fully accepted alternative to getting on the screen, although not in all its forms.

The essence is that the decision is now in your hands. If you want to broadcast your event live on the internet, you can choose from a number of platforms depending on the length and topic of your event.

Three use cases when our clients opt in for streaming production instead of television live

  1. Our sports event organizing clients choose this solution because there is great pressure from viewers, but they can’t arrange or afford live television appearances.
  2. Another situation is when you have a franchise event, and the rightsholders and promoters specify any live coverage. With an excellent tv-like live streaming solution, you can save money with us.
  3. In other events, livestreaming comes into play when clients don’t even plan to appear on television because they have strong social media channels and they want to appear live there originally.
Livestreaming instread of tv production
Behind the curtains: our small live production set

Live streaming production: the decision is yours

It’s important to note that this whole approach only works if the live stream, which the organizers arrange, closely approximates the quality of a television broadcast and carries its hallmarks. This requires a serious video team or a video production company that is capable of planning and managing the live broadcast of the event, i.e. has the appropriate equipment and staff.

The method is the same in every case. You need to find a suitable video production company, organize the preparation of the broadcast, ensure its technical conditions, and then you can sit in front of the screens.