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Our position

Live production is live production despite the transferring platform. Whether it is a stream or other kind of video feed, it deserves the gold standard of broadcasting quality. Your moment, our unmatched clarity.

Broadcast quality is our superhero power.

Let's quickly bust the 'streaming myth'.

Although the meaning of the word ‘streaming’ has become blurred with live video on the Internet over time, but when our customers talk about live  video streaming, they need something completely different: They need a video production and then broadcasts its signal over the Internet or satellite. Sometimes it means one camera and cameraman, but usually live video production is a more complex task, and you should hire broadcast team with OB van or portable control room and a larger crew with many cameras. So you need a video production company. We have been in this business since 2010.

Ingredients of a livebroadcast production

Cameras & crew

Cameras operated by cameramen, controlled by director

OB van or portable studio

Director is switching the necessary camera or other source to live program


The live program is encoded to run to streaming servers over CDN networks and internet.


Viewers connecting to the streaming provider over internet and watching the live program.

List of our broadcaster solutions

In short, we broadcast sports events, sports mixed zone interviews, corporate events, concerts, theatre performances, online tuition, conferences, webinars. We also offer video editing, post production, streaming platform operations, OB van, SNG services.

OB van production and rental

Need a massive live production? With our mid range, felxible Outside Broadcast van we make professional live broadcast productions via streming platforms or satellite uplinks.

Video production services

Sports live broadcast

2 to 8 cameras sports live production with score graphics, replay and highlights operations and commentary options to replace or complete TV productions using portable studio or OB van.

Conference live video

Event live streaming

We produce a live video of your speakers on stage by combining cameras, video, audio, and presentation signals. For this, we bring our portable tv studio to provide studio-quality production.

Video editing Hungary

Postproduction, editing

You might need different versions of a recording of a broadcasted video. We are ready to edit the recorded livestreams to get many shorter videos or put on corporate design elements.

Our service features

Studio quality video production services

In addition to the quality of our broadcast equipment and the knowledge of our specialists, our unique work processes guarantee that we can produce TV-level broadcasts. We use professional HD and 4K cameras with a portable TV studio or, if required, a broadcasting (OB) van. Our video production services allows us to feed various social media, corporate streaming platforms, and traditional satellite channels. Regardless of the internet connection, we constantly record the broadcast, which we transmit in different professional or web formats.

We are not experimenting on you

We know that your event is the most important for you, and you want it to be the best it can be. That is why we work with ready-made, proven video production services. We will not experiment with your event. We like it when the live broadcast is “just” implementing a plan. We visit the location and prepare a technical and camera plan and a broadcast running order to do this.

The flexibility of complex content support

We designed our live broadcast system to provide content supporting the event that can be obtained in addition to the live feed. We can provide a signal on an LED wall in parallel or instant video highlights or raw material to your social media team in almost real-time so that you can post video content already during the broadcast.

We speak the same language

We won’t bore anyone with professional, technical parameters. We only care about what you want to see in the picture. We will discuss the technical background with your specialists, LOC, and service providers. You get a complete video production services and videostreaming solution from us.

Event compatibility

We know how the technical service providers of the events are connected (sound, light, LED wall, etc…) and what effect they have on the broadcast and recording. This experience ensures smooth on-site collaboration and good live-streaming quality.

We don’t believe in one-man productions

Live Broadcasting is complex work. We do not try to introduce risks into broadcast productions by entrusting several critical tasks to one person. Just as the dentist has an assistant, we have a specialist for each job to ensure superb quality result on the viewer side.

Transparent company

Pélicom Média Kft. has been committed to operating transparently since the beginning. We have received numerous accolades including Opten "A" ratings and HVG "Recommended Company 2022" awards. We use our own devices and ensure that all our software is legal. Additionally, we constantly invest in our human resources and equipment development.

Our valued international customers

Laszlo Peli
CEO, owner
Pélicom Média Ltd.

My company has worked with clients like you every week for over a decade. We broadcast multi-camera live productions (like conferences, presentations, and sports events), not only on the Internet. Our recorded programs run every month on television. As a host broadcast expert, I compile live broadcasts of international events yearly, produced by Antenna Hungaria to feed international broadcasters.

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