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Live streaming besides tv production

Live streaming is a good alternative even alongside television broadcasts. There have been several occasions when we have had to work alongside existing TV broadcasts. The common reason for this is that the live TV broadcast only covers certain parts of the event and the organizers would like to avoid having to adapt to the program schedule or the editors’ decisions.

When do you need livestreaming besides tv production?

A typical case is when there are junior competitions taking place alongside adult events at a sports event, or at a multi-sport event where multiple sports are present, but there may also be a need for livestreaming when an event takes place at multiple locations.

Sports TV channels are obviously interested in the best matches and don’t bother with the U21 or U15 categories, or how the final will be. This is because the only important metric for them is viewership, so television editors try to bring high-viewership events to the screen, plus the cost of production is quite high and production managers strive to optimize costs.

Livestreaming besides tv production
How many cameras you can find on this picture not working?

Thus, you can encounter cases like at the 2023 European Games, where serious broadcast cameras are even visible, behind which there is no operator, so they are visibly not in operation. They were only “turned on” for one or two serious matches, otherwise, we could watch the single-camera stream, which viewers are not really fond of, especially if it is compared to a multi-camera broadcast.

The essence and the good news, however, is that if you also encounter a similar situation, know that even alongside live TV broadcasts, a team can work that can produce a serious, TV-level livestream. We also work alongside television teams on numerous occasions. With slightly fewer cameras and technical background, but with high technological and quality requirements.