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Why live broadcasting quality is important?

It is crucial to note that nowadays, practically anyone can broadcast on the internet. Whether it’s using a mobile phone to stream live to their own YouTube channel using Facebook Live. The feasibility of live internet broadcasting is not in question. However, live broadcasting quality and impact are much more so.

Here’s why you can’t ignore live streaming production’s quality

High-quality videos and sounds provide a better experience, which aids in the more effective communication of the main message of the broadcast. High-quality live productions enable a broader audience to be reached. Reliable and stable streaming allows people worldwide to follow important events, conferences, shows, and sports events live. This global accessibility creates opportunities for sharing information and connecting people, regardless of time zones or geographical distances.

When broadcasts arrive in high quality, they can enhance the authenticity, professionalism, and appeal of the content. This can promote an increase in viewership and followers, which can boost revenue and success in the long term.

The quality of live internet broadcasting hinges on these two things

The quality of live streaming always depends on the same two things:

  • How good is the video production, i.e., how professional is the high quality live production. This depends on the expertise of the video team and the quality of their equipment. Good camera positioning and sound quality are essential.
  • How well is the live signal transmitted? This also requires expertise and a good network connection, and sometimes satellite signal transmission.
Quality of live broadcast is important
What will the sound of this stream be like?

We are usually called when, for example, a complex show, similar to or exactly like what can be seen on television, needs to be produced, which requires multiple cameras, a defined switch between them according to certain guidelines or dramaturgy, multiple voices to be managed simultaneously, and graphical elements, name titles, or sports captions to be displayed live.

Of course, we have also had to broadcast a stand-up or a one-person live report, and there are sports broadcasts where simplicity is required, but all our commissions so far have had one thing in common: serious equipment and expertise were needed for the implementation, even if we had to use our client’s existing Facebook LIVE channel.

For those looking for a high-quality, professional live broadcast solution
The production of the image/sound of a live internet show is almost entirely identical to a television production. In this understanding, we have continuously assembled a production crew capable of producing a television-like appearance in its organization and imagery (one or more cameras, operators, live video editing, mobile studio or broadcast truck, basic room microphoning and commentator system).

high quality broadcast switcher
High quality broadcast switcher

The word “broadcasting” itself aptly points to the undeniable fact that it is intended to transmit, deliver, and convey characteristic moments of an event or story in its course to the viewer. The success of this task is determined by the image and sound technical solutions employed. To give the viewer an enjoyable (or in some cases, simply interpretable) image, different viewpoints must be applied from different locations, which are associated with different camera positions and so-called shots, which need to be shown one after the other with live editing to form the appropriate visual world that truly “broadcasts”.

In sync with the above, the sound, of course, plays a very important role, which, in addition to the environmental sound, means transmitting the voice(s) of the presenter(s), music, commentator(s). We also offer solutions for this.