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Sports live broadcast solution generated viewer-record

Our FlairVenture project was the most-viewed sports live broadcast solution in our experience and one of the most interesting projects we’ve participated in. It was both a technical challenge from a video and streaming perspective, and fascinating to observe how a foreign promoter was thinking clearly about brand building, PR and sports marketing, resulting in an immense sports live broadcast record viewership.

Pélicom’s sports live broadcast solution performed excellently

Clever trick: How to reap multiple benefits from the finished sports live broadcast content. We encountered unusual media technology expectations for an event in a developing sport. While the number of cameras working in live transmission wasn’t high and live broadcasting could be managed with simple live image editing and subtitling, Danish promoter Niels Damkjaer strongly requested instant slow-motion replay that also had to be shown on a huge LED wall behind the competitors. In addition, from the semi-finals onwards, instant highlights videos for every 5-10 competitors, and 3-5 in the finals, needed to be produced in a Facebook shareable format, as “this is the only way to effectively manage social media” – as was expressed in the briefing. Finally, someone gets it. 🙂

And so it was. We came together, planned the technical background and who had to deal with what when, which resulted in one of the best sports live broadcast productions. The slow-motion replay in the live production appropriately supported the highlights creation. Practically, the organizers received a variety of repeatedly usable solutions from the same media technology solution.

The result: 85 countries, a sports live broadcast record viewership of 260,000.

sport livebroadcast solution
Huge viewership at the Flairsupply competition

What is Flairsupply?

To me, basic cocktail mixing can be impressive. During our first meeting with the organizers, it became clear to me that the acrobatic tricks of the Flairsupply competitors require intense effort, in addition to the points for the production, the finished drinks are also scored by a three-member drink-testing jury. They need to juggle with drinks in a way that the cocktail they were tasked with creating is what gets made. I’m quite certain that such a sports live broadcast solution requires athletic performance.

This is what a Flairsupply production looks like: