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Sports Live Production Kills Ticket Sales? Myth Busted

We have heard from sports event organizers that they don’t ask us (or anyone else) for sports broadcast production services because then spectators won’t come to the sports hall. Is this true? Does it really drive viewers away to their comfy couches? Let’s find out!

Well, those of us who work behind live broadcasts see a lot. Sometimes events where even those present follow from afar, through screens. This leads us to ask: “Does online live broadcast production really drive fans away from the stadiums?” Well, allow us to answer this eternal question.

Sports Live Production vs. Stadium

Let’s start with the assertion that people like comfort. Yes, no one disputes how pleasant it is to sit on one’s own couch, with a tasty snack in hand, watching a match. But do these cozy couch moments really deter fans from stadiums?

Live broadcasts of the biggest sports events almost always show sold-out stadiums. And it’s not just camera tricks! If broadcasts really drove away spectators, the stadiums would resemble deserts, where, as we know, not many people are…

In reality, people enjoy the communal experience. There’s no technology that can replicate the loud cheering, the excitement, the joy, and the disappointment we collectively feel during a match. And yes, broadcasts made by sports broadcast production let us experience this from afar, but the real experience is still on-site.

Decades of experience show that if someone loves going to games, a livestream won’t keep them at home. However, without a live broadcast of a sports event, there’s minimal chance of gaining viewers who might later become on-site fans.

Livestream = opportunity for growth

Added Value of Sports Broadcasts

However, live broadcasts also offer added value to those who can’t be on-site. They might not be there physically, but they’re there mentally and emotionally, cheering for their team. And who knows? Maybe next time they’ll be in the stadium!

Sports Broadcast Production Viewership

Sports Live Production with full house

If there’s just one argument to be made: Have you ever seen, for instance, a Chelsea – Liverpool match on TV? And did you see spectators?

If we can have multiple arguments, they’d be:

  • Increased Exposure: TV and the internet make a sports event accessible to those who can’t attend in person. This can increase viewership by millions, which is very beneficial for sponsors and partners whose brands thus get more visibility.
  • New Revenue Opportunities: Live broadcasting provides opportunities to sell advertising slots, promotions, and partnerships. Plus, selling broadcasting rights can be a significant revenue source.
  • Branding: A professionally, high-quality broadcasted event can positively build the reputation of the event, the teams, and the sport. Good broadcasting makes the event memorable and helps increase viewer loyalty.
  • Interactivity and Wider Reach: Online broadcasts allow interactive communication with viewers, like live chats, social media, or other platforms. This deepens the relationship with viewers and opens opportunities to engage new ones.
  • Archiving and Repurposing: Beyond the live broadcast, recordings can be used later for promotional materials, highlights, summaries, and can be sold to other platforms or archived for future use.
  • New Technologies and Innovations: Live broadcasts provide the opportunity for new technological innovations like VR broadcasts or interactive statistics, enhancing viewer experience.
  • Connecting Sports and Community: Broadcasting enables those who might live far from the stadium or cannot attend in person to follow the event. Or simply enjoy the shared experience of watching a match. This strengthens the community feel and connects people. Apparently, the best fans become armchair supporters.

So dear event organizers, don’t be afraid of livestreaming! Sports broadcast production is not the enemy of stadiums, but a new tool connecting fans worldwide. The most intense cheering will always be on-site!