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Ready for outside broadcast, OB van arrived

We are constantly working to improve our service. It’s almost an obsession for us that there’s always something to improve. This is especially true in the technical field since technology lays the foundation of our service. However, now we have reached a significant milestone that has been planned for a long time but got delayed due to COVID and various other challenges: we now have an OB van (Outside Broadcast van).

OB van live production
Water polo broadcasting on Margaret Island, Budapest, Hungary

What is an Outside Broadcast van good for?

By official definition, an outside broadcast van is a mobile production control room that allows video recording and video production at a location outside a regular television studio. It’s used for outside broadcast productions, hence the name: outside broadcast (abbreviated: OB).

Big TV companies and broadcast firms might have big vans where a crew of up to 30 people, such as video editors, directors, CCU and EVS operators, sound engineers, and recording technicians, can work to produce the broadcast, which is then relayed live using satellite technology. There are also smaller-sized television production vehicles for, for example, electronic news gathering (ENG) with a 2-3 person crew.

Ours is of a medium size, specifically tailored for the live broadcasting of sports events and other functions. Accordingly, in maximum utilization, a crew of 5 can work inside in a comfortable air-conditioned environment, directing up to eight cameras and their operators.

Outside broadcast van mid size
5.5-meter length workspace

Why is Pélicom’s OB van good for clients?

It can professionalize any livestream production or mark a quality leap for live concert broadcasts. It can also provide a comfortable and efficient workspace for news crews or media teams when deployed.

Outside broacast truck for ENG media
Even for smaller news crews or as a media van

If the complexity and location of an event’s video broadcast doesn’t allow for the deployment of a live production control center or the establishment of a control room, then the OB van is surely the solution. Due to its size, structure, and flexible design, ours offers a cost-effective solution in a wide variety of use cases.