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Big speedskating crash live at the European Cup 2011

Speedskating is not an easy sport. Sometimes it is dangerous. We have just streamed a big speedskating crash live. Officially known as Inline Speed Skating (also known as Rollerblade). It is currently not an Olympic sport, although it is quite spectacular. We provided live internet coverage of the European Cup in Tatabánya. Even South Africa participated in this event to stay updated on the European field.

Big speedskating crash live in 5000 Point

The 5000m Point race started with a major crash, as shown in the video. Our crew had a bit of a hard time coping with the rain and 40km/h winds, but we learned that skaters don’t necessarily take a rain break as they change wheels if it’s raining, just like in Formula 1.

The big crash – fortunately without any serious injury

Simple livestreaming setup

We conducted the coverage with a very simple mini setup: We had 2 Sony HVR A1 cameras connected to our broadcasting center, which included the ATEM Television Studio switcher. We tried to position one camera as close as possible to the track, where the athletes were racing by in a spectacular manner, while the other camera was continuously following the leading pack. The recording was handled by a Blackmagic Design capture system.

Sony HVR-A1 camcorder 2011