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Our first livestreaming production

Introducing our first livestreaming production: In the picturesque setting of the Tata Olympic Training Camp, an event of international importance unfolded, which was broadcast globally via livestream on This event was no other than the youth leg of the International Table Tennis Federation’s Pro Tour. In an era where our digital connectivity is increasingly shaping how we experience events, our first livestreaming production served as a testament to this paradigm shift. This inaugural livestream was the only way to witness this event from around the globe, ushering in a new era of remote, real-time audience participation.

The production involved multi-camera archived footage, adhering to the high standards of the ITTF Pro Tour. At this time two fixed cameras did the job well. One covered the table and another one put the scorer into picture in picture. Taking a prominent role in the production was commentator Viktor Ferencz, who was intermittently assisted by Daniel Kiss. Their contributions were integral to our first livestreaming production, and we extend our heartfelt thanks for their hard work.

The reach of our first livestreaming production was both widespread and impactful. Parents, relatives, club members, and even coaches worldwide tuned into the livestream. Cheering for their favourites wasn’t bound by geographical distance anymore, as they could support from thousands of kilometers away, proving that technology can indeed bring us closer together. This remarkable shift truly encapsulates why internet live broadcasts have become such a pivotal part of our lives today.

Looking back, it’s astonishing to see how much mobile network technology has advanced. At the time of “our first livestreaming production,” we were limited to a 3G connection. Due to coverage limitations in Tata, we streamed the event at a speed of 200-250 Kbps. Yet, despite these constraints, we were able to successfully deliver an international event in real-time to a global audience.

In retrospect, our first livestreaming production was not only about broadcasting a table tennis event. It represented a milestone, a new way of thinking about how we can leverage technology to build more inclusive and globally-connected communities. And as we advance, we carry with us the lessons from this pioneering endeavour, further cementing our commitment to using technology to bridge distances of remote audience.