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Agility streaming production in 2015

We broadcasted the biggest agility event of 2015, the World Agility Open, live. We were not only very focused on preparation for that agility streaming production because it was one of our first foreign productions, but also because we had to bring a compact livestreaming solution due to traveling by car, and there wasn’t an opportunity to run back home for any equipment from a distance of 1700 km.

The 2015 World Agility Open was held on 15-17 May, 2015 in Ermelo, Netherlands at the National Hippic Centre (KNHS). Nearly 400 dogs from 36 different countries competed under judges Peter Borsje of Netherlands, Martin Cavill of Wales, and Bart De Decker of Belgium. Marquand Cheek of the USA was the Supervising Judge.

Agility streaming production from Ermelo
The main hall with the main ring

During the live broadcast, during the qualifying period, 3 cameras worked on 3 different courses, then on the days of the main numbers of the competition we made a live cut broadcast with a 3-camera, 3-person crew in the main hall. Even then, our service was aimed at covering all video activities of the event and exploiting every opportunity, because our tools were with us, and the organizers could only rely on us, there was no other professional video crew on site.

Agility streaming production combined

We conducted pre-race interviews, short films, highlight videos, streamed from 3 courses simultaneously, then from the main venue with 3 cameras, we burned the races of those owners who requested it onto DVDs. In 2015, we uniquely provided the stream with subscription system, we also provided online support in English to the PPV clients.

Complex media production service

So our service covered the event’s multimedia content production and was also an excellent example of how to monetize livestream broadcasts. I can reveal that the revenues more than covered our service fee, so the organizers were practically not burdened with the cost of broadcasting or providing technical background, that is, we really took all the burden off their shoulders.

Most viewed video of the event

A big moment of the event was Marquand Cheek’s spontaneous solo performance as the supervising judge, which later brought the largest number of video views in the hundreds of thousands. It also featured in the promotional period of further world competitions for years.