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Waterpolo streaming production for Eurovision

It is not the first time we had a water polo streaming production. We are over 200 matches in the last three years. We covered an international water polo event for the Hungarian Genesys OSC, which participated in LEN (European Aquatics) Champions League and played against Jug Adriatic Osiguranje Dubrovnik Croatian team.

LEN waterpolo streaming production
We streamed the preliminary part match

This event stage is regular in broadcasting terms, and LEN’s broadcasting requirements are precise. They need simple international feed over satellite via their broadcast partner Eurovision’s downlink. We used 7 cams in different but classic water polo positions with replay options and no commentary.

Waterpolo streaming production camera position
One of our camera position

To make an affordable live production, we installed one of our flyaway kits on-site, which is the essential element of our compact broadcast solutions. We use portable studios when the circumstances are not ideal for working in an OB van. LEN’s requirement for us is to implement its Champions League graphics. Since time is critical in a water polo streaming production, we connect our scoring GFX system to the scoring system.

Sometimes internet connection is enough for live coverage, and occasionally rock-steady uplink is needed. Working with Eurovision is a project in which we occupied an SNG van to feed Eurovision’s Satellite.

Water polo live production SNG car
SNG car for satellite uplink

A broadcast system has many complex cables with high video and audio data running in many directions. We use fiber systems to provide superb video signals without loss and provide the tally information, return video, and communication to the camera operators via that infrastructure.

Water polo live production  compact portable controller
Director, replay, audio, and GFX in the ‘control room’

Water polo is a sport that allows us to put some replays on air during matches. We also use our replay system to meet LEN’s requirements and make instant highlights video at the end of the event.

Like every sports team event, a water polo streaming production should finish with coach interviews. We dedicated one camera for that purpose and conducted live interviews with the two coaches, Daniel Varga (OSC) and Vjekoslav Kobescak (VK JUG).

Water polo live production interview
Daniel Varga coaches’ summary