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Live streaming solutions generated data in 2022

We live in the digital age, and increasingly, we turn to technology to access information, stay connected, have fun, and learn. One revolutionary technological development in this era has been the internet data flow, which has paved the way for everyday live streaming solutions. Nowadays, the live streaming industry generates a massive amount of data traffic, and it seems that the growth is only continuing.

Live streaming solutions generates high amount of traffic

According to the Ericsson Mobility Report, global data traffic reached 122 exabytes per month by 2022, and this number is expected to grow to 151 exabytes by 2023. Streaming constitute a significant portion of this data traffic. Watching live videos, broadcasting events, and using live streaming services all contribute to the generation of tremendous data traffic.

Livestreams utilize a lot of data. Thanks to the rising popularity of live streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube Live, and Instagram Live, video data traffic is expected to account for over 82% of the total internet data traffic by 2023, as stated in the Cisco Annual Internet Report (2022).

But why are live streaming so popular? According to consumers, live broadcasts provide authenticity and a direct connection with content creators, allowing them to engage in social interactions. The immediacy of live videos and the interaction between the audience and content creators create real value.

The popularity of live streaming solutions is evident today. The growth in live streaming data traffic means that internet service providers and content providers need to find new solutions to increase network capacity and efficiency. Live streaming platforms also need to employ technologies that can handle this growing demand while maintaining video quality and minimizing delays.

Live streaming solutions popularity
Today, technically all videos are streaming solutions

In summary, live streaming solutions play a crucial role in the growth of data traffic, and this trend is expected to strengthen in the future. It will be important for the industry to adapt to this growth and find suitable technological solutions to address the challenges.