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Live production solutions and cooperation models

We provide several live production solutions depending on your needs. Our clients sometimes need partial, sometimes full live-broadcast service. We recognized these cooperation models that usually cover clients’ demands during the last decade.

Full live production service

Our team sets up at the venue of your event. With the help of our director, video editor, cameramen, and sound engineers, we produce the visuals and audio on-site using mobile TV studios. In real-time, we livestream the program over the internet via our media server using the livestreaming method, directly to your website if desired. Regardless of internet quality, we record the broadcast in multiple formats, including various television standards, and we can also utilize individual camera feeds. In our studio, we perform post-production work to create television programs or shorter PR and promotional videos using the recorded material.

Livestreaming production switcher
Multicam livestreaming production controlled by broadcast switcher

Video production only

If you only require recorded footage, our technology allows us to capture live-edited video in professional TV (broadcast) quality. Alternatively, if you need multi-camera recordings for later post-production purposes, we can also handle that.

Livestreaming production service
Multicam video recording

Live streaming only

We are ready to work with your video production team that feeds our system to do the streaming job for you.

We can also handle pre-recorded video files with our media server, allowing us to receive and stream your content or play it as a “pseudo-live” broadcast.

Live video production streaming equipment
Live video production streaming equipment

Subscription-Based Streaming for Valuable Content

We offer a complete system with credit card payment, automated billing, and branded viewer pages for subscription-based streaming services. There is no access sharing or stream theft.

Live production references

Using these models, we have successfully served international sports events, webinars, produced TV shows, and operated event websites. If you have requested a specific proposal, we will include references in the offer.

Over the past 13 years, we have worked on hundreds of events in the following areas:

  • Sports events
  • Protocol events
  • Theatrical performances
  • Flashmobs
  • Live reports
  • Concerts
  • Stand-up productions
  • Conferences
  • eSports events
  • Press conferences

To date, we have been the official broadcasters of 20 European and World Championships, surpassing 38,000,000 hours of viewership in 2019.

With our Compact Broadcast service, we successfully provide live coverage to both television companies and streaming partners simultaneously.