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Is free YouTube, Facebook livestreaming really free?

What about the free livestreaming solutions of Facebook and YouTube? We often hear from clients, ‘YouTube or Facebook livestreaming solves all our problems.’

Sometimes it does for us too. Luckily, in this market, both giants (and several smaller players) compete, providing consistently good streaming services. If you use their services, you truly don’t have to worry about the above-mentioned issues since all you need to do is share a link or ‘post a LIVE,’ and you’re good to go. However, for some reason, most of our major clients never use these free platforms. They usually have the following objections (and let’s ignore the question of how free Facebook and YouTube really are):

  • Facebook can use the recorded livestream for free, even years later, and they can even pass on the rights to others.
  • Facebook LIVE videos continuously display their logo.
  • YouTube livestreaming is blocked in Germany (and similar legal disputes are arising in more countries).
  • YouTube and Ustream show ads from others during live broadcasts. (A clever competitor familiar with Google Ads can insert their own ads into your YouTube livestream.)
  • YouTube immediately disables archived videos if any well-known music is played during your event. They may even temporarily or permanently disable your channel’s livestreaming function.
  • Facebook immediately shuts down the livestream if copyrighted music is heard during the broadcast. Later on, they might even disable your page/user account because of it.

If the above issues are okay with you and you believe you don’t have to worry about them, and you want to produce live shows on your established YouTube or Facebook channel, we have good news: With our broadcasting solution, you are not limited to a smartphone or webcam. We can send the signal of our professional, broadcast-quality livestream to your existing, well-known channel.

YouTube Facebook livestreaming for free

Professional livestreaming solutions are always in your hands

Based on our experience of millions of hours of live internet broadcasts, we believe that the best approach is to collaborate with a global partner that offers complete control, such as Akamai, who operates systems and networks with recognized quality worldwide. We can provide an ad-free player interface to ensure that your viewers don’t see your competitors’ ads. This way, we can also ensure that we provide accurate and comprehensive viewership statistics.

The main features of our streaming server system include:

  • Ad-free viewing
  • Full HD quality
  • Serving tens of thousands of concurrent viewers
  • Accurate statistics
  • Subscription system (VISA, Mastercard)

Usage fee for the internet livestreaming server

If you embark on the professional path, sooner or later you will encounter the fact that the pricing of the streaming service will be proportional to the quality of the streaming feed and the number of viewers. This is because viewership can be clearly translated into IT characteristics, and ultimately, the usage of the complete data flow infrastructure reflects the proportion of data consumed.

Therefore, the price of the streaming server depends on how long and how intensively we use it. This is determined by the quality of the broadcast, the number of viewers, and the duration of the livestream. A useful method during planning is to project the cost of the server per viewer since, in all likelihood, success for you is measurable in viewership.